sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2019

Kollaasi 207 (48/2019)!

Kiitos  kaikista mukavista kollaaseistanne. Olet tervetullut ottamaan osaa tähän hauskaan haasteeseen, jossa leikitään kuvilla ja väreillä. Tässä teille neljä värisävyä, joista saatte mieleisenne - vaikka kaikkikin, jos siltä tuntuu.
Thank you, once again your lovely collages. You are welcome to take part in this challenge where we play with images and colours. The shades of colours at this week
there are four shades of colours for you collages, take yours - one or all and have a fun.

Collage 48/2019

1. Riitta K.             2. Uggla               3. Jutta K.          4. SusuPetal
5. Kaari                  6. Kirsti Kaija      7. Eklastic          8. Traudell
9. Aino                  You are next      

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  1. Sunnuntaita! Tässä minun:


  3. I will take a while to do my collage this time. But I want to comment here on last weeks collages (still having spam vom Blogspot when I comment directly on blogs - I don't know how to stop this).
    Anna - That's a great row of houses, the colours are spot on.
    Kaari - great to find all the colours in one spot. The ceiling is wonderful. And I saw a very similar sphinx the other day (but in black, in a cemetery).
    Jutta - love all the details.
    Riita - wonderful autumn collage, the colours but also the light we need more of now. The little river could be in my neighbourhood.
    Aino - real firey. Wonderfully warm.
    Kirsti - what a beautiful rose! I like the structure of your collage.
    I hope I didn't miss anyone.

    1. Danke für die netten Kommentare, sehr lieb von dir !

    2. Thanks! Hope the problem solves itself asap.

  4. Liebe Aino,
    hier wieder mein Beitrag, mit lieben Grüßen

  5. Mukana ollaan!


  7. Messissä :)

  8. I finally made it!

  9. I have been away a few days but managed to do my collage: