sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2016

Kollaasi 46 - Värieksotiikkaa!

Hei! Kiitos viimeisestä. Uusi haaste tulee tässä on teemaltaan: värieksotiikkaa. Värikästä syyskuun jatkoa.

Hi there! Thank you for all nice collages. New challenges comes here and it is: exotic colours. Have a nice colourful week of September.


3 kommenttia:

  1. I try not to look what the others have done with your colour suggestions before I submit mine. But now that I've looked I am impressed with the different interpretations. Since it is sometimes difficult to answer on everybody's blog I'll comment here if that is alright.
    I really like SusuPetal's peace ring. Exactly the right colours and of course, the sentiment cannot be faulted (and that it is by Mahatma Ghandi is an added exotic bonus!).
    Riitta's flowers are superb. The collage is stunning.
    Anna's rain picture's with the bokeh effect are great - and they are foreshadowing autumn which is coming all too soon.
    uggla's lego's are very original - not what one expected at all.
    Arleena's autumn photos - autumn leaves are the perfect mellow versions of the gold, red, green exotic shades.
    And unelmikko's yellow flowers within the other shades really stand out.

    1. It's nice that you comment here, I know that there isn't always time to leave a comment in every blog.
      And I did like your fabulous rainbow!

    2. Thank you for your comments. Have a very relaxing autumn.